Title: Senior Partner
Phone: (831) 475-9999
Fax: (831) 475-9989
Email: rlaw@rutledgeattorneys.com

Senior partner Richard Rutledge’s 34-year career in criminal justice began as a police officer and detective on the Central Coast in the 1970s.  Mr. Rutledge joined the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office after graduating magna cum laude from Monterey College of Law in 1988.  After more than five years mostly assigned to the King City D.A.’s office, he went on to serve as a Superior Court Commissioner of traffic, criminal, family law, juvenile truancy, and small claims for over ten years before going into private practice.  He taught criminal justice and P.O.S.T courses for several junior colleges, and gave traffic course to law enforcement agencies.  Mr. Rutledge is presently a litigator in criminal, civil, prison law, and administrative law.  His training, education, and experience are key to representing criminal defendants and prisoners.  He is qualified to handle every matter, including capital cases.

Mr. Rutledge is also a third generation contractor, having earned his license at the age of 18.  Mr. Rutledge has drawn, built, plumbed, and wired dozens of homes and apartments.  His extensive construction experience, including building offices, schools, and shopping centers in the greater Santa Cruz, Fresno, and South Bay are key to his understanding of structural and real estate disputes.

His hobbies include building and fabricating custom motorcycle frames, restoring cars, carpentry and sailing.  He has three children, a son-in-law, and one granddaughter.  He also enjoys reading and has a B.A. in Literature from California State University, Fresno.

“Practicing law is a privilege.  Lawyers are in a special position of knowledge and power that non-lawyers do not enjoy.  People feel scared and vulnerable when they become involved in legal matters.  We all value our property and freedom.  That is where I come in.  My favorite part of being a lawyer is advocating for people and helping them to feel safe and secure in knowing that I will guide them through the legal process, be their voice, and zealously protect their interests.” – Richard K. Rutledge