Client Testimonials

These testimonials do not consitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.  We only use the initials for our public website; full names and dates are on file for the State Bar. 

Katera Estrada Rutledge

“Ms. Rutledge is a very experienced and patient attorney, who worked quickly to get my release. I never had experienced a lawyer with her skills, who worked so hard on my case and it was much appreciated. I was very surprised at how quickly she worked and how quickly the process went to get me released. She covered many areas in my case and worked hard.

Compared to all the lawyers that have worked on my case, she had the best results. I would definitely recommend her to all lifers that are still in the penal system.”


“My experience with Attorney Katera Rutledge has been phenomenal and nothing short of:

  1. professional

  2. knowledgeable

  3. caring, compassion, commitment and dedication for all she represents. She is a very intelligent, articulate, thoughtful and kind person. From the day

I met Ms. Rutledge, it has been nothing short of a blessing. Not only does she represent clients, but she follows through with them.

She is knowledgeable in court cases, as well as the board of parole panel, and knows what to expect and what to look for. She is a very thorough attorney in preparing her clients.

Had it not been for her recommendation and representation, there’s a great chance I’d still be in prison. She has maintained a friendship upon my release and beyond and it has been my extreme pleasure and honor to have her as my attorney and know her as a person.”


“Her name I will remember! She has shown me justice,

Thank God for her practice.

Since Ms. Rutledge was appointed I knew my chances were very high!

Her skills and wisdom are true. I thank her for being by my side and also for her husband. God Bless You!”

-N.A. & Family

“Ms. Rutledge has been my attorney since 2009. I was found suitable for parole at my first and second hearings with her. She also represented me in my Writ of Habeas Corpus. I appreciate her tireless effort and hard work put toward my legal case. She has displayed professionalism at all times during this long process. I feel that if more attorneys like Ms. Rutledge could have her work ethic and knowledge of the law many would benefit from her expertise.

I was so ashamed about what I did that I did not know how to talk about my crime to any one much less the Parole Board. Ms. Rutledge helped me get comfortable talking about my crime and explaining what I had learned about my self in prison and what I was doing to give back to the community. I have become a more self-assured individual throughout this process, with gratitude for her assistance and her belief in me.

I want to thank her for helping me through this process and giving me the knowledge to be prepared for the hearings that she represented me in. She won my writ.

I have been out of prison since November and Thank God for a second chance.”


“Mrs. Rutledge, being assigned my case by Judge Espinoza, was a Godsend. When I thought there was no hope in getting out, her appointment gave me hope for getting out.

The way she represented herself to me gave me hope – I felt I was in good hands and this proved to be true as time went by. She made it easy for me to provide documents from prison. She was very diligent about what I needed for my file in order to file my writ. She did wonders with it. Obviously, the Superior Court judge found merit in her filing and granted me Order to Show Cause, which was my road to freedom.

I am forever grateful to Ms. Rutledge and was fortunate to have her represent me.”


“I write about Attorney Katera Rutledge with the warmest regard and the greatest respect and appreciation. I had the privilege of having her represent me several times at my Board of Parole Hearings, both as an appointed attorney and one that was not. No matter the monetary compensation issue, Ms. Rutledge was always thorough, always put her best foot forward and genuinely cared about those she represented. She was always candid and frank and was more helpful than the many other attorneys I had over the years. They always seemed to want to get through the process as soon as possible and weren’t willing to spend the time that it took to care and properly represent this group of people who virtually have no hope within the system. I realize it’s a daunting task but she didn’t let that stop her. I care about Ms. Rutledge as a Christian (first) and as a professional. When I think of her I think of someone who is helpful and caring and I feel privileged to know her as a person and as an attorney. I have and always will, recommend Ms. Rutledge to others who need an attorney to represent them, especially those in the system who need all the help they can get and who want to be paroled when it’s time to be paroled. She’s hardworking, fearless and goes above and beyond the call of her duties.”

-In HIS Grace,


“Reflecting on my experience with the Rutledge Law Firm, I have nothing but fond recollections of the compassionate care that my family received from them.

My sister in law had been incarcerated since she was 16 years old. Fourteen years later, after working on her case for a little over a year, my sister in law was released due to the perseverance of the Rutledge Law Firm. Their handling of her situation was so concise and thorough. Their professionalism was amazing but more importantly, my sister in law was treated with love and respect, as were we, her family. I am forever grateful for their service.

I truly feel as though an angel came into our lives when we met Katera Rutledge.”

-With Thanks, F.L.B.

“I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Ms. Katera Rutledge. She represented my husband at the board of prison terms. Ms. Rutledge is a professional and wonderful attorney. Every legal step was done in a timely manner. What I like is that Ms. Rutledge is approachable. I was able to call her when I needed explanation of something that I did not understand. She is the best attorney that my husband and I have had the pleasure of using. I would highly recommend her for your legal needs. She is excellent. My husband was released this past December.”


“In 2007, I needed to hire an attorney immediately, due to winning a new hearing and I had days to retain one. I contacted several attorneys and was given the worst legal advice ever. After making contact with Rutledge & Rutledge, not only did I receive great legal advice, I retained Mrs. Rutledge immediately, and she was at my institution within 5 days, to discuss my upcoming hearing.

It should be noted that I have very difficult hearings, due to the victims that attend, and speak strongly against my release. Mrs. Rutledge was instrumental in obtaining me my first one-year denial, and also helped me obtain a parole grant. Also, she really sets a great record as well, because I have fought and won (3) three separate re-hearings due to how she sets the record. Though my case will be fought in the courts, without her help and hard work I believe I would still have a pretty hard way to go.

I have never left that room not feeling fully represented, and that she fought as hard as she could.

Her prep work is top of the line, she spends a considerable amount of time with me going over my work in prison and helping me emotionally prepare to answer to the family of the victim in my case. She is a fighter and she is someone who will be committed to your cause.

If your looking for someone who will be your first line of defense in the Board room – then Rutledge & Rutledge is the Law Firm I would recommend.”


“I was represented by Attorney Katera Rutledge, and would highly recommend her to other inmates. In fact, I have already recommended her to several inmates while I was still incarcerated. She is a very good attorney; she is very determined, has a good heart, and likes to help people. She conducted seminars at the prison to help inmates with their process in seeking parole, which is rare for an attorney to do.

She is very highly recommended because she saved my life, as well as other inmates I know. Because of her, I am now a free man and I always be grateful to Mrs. Rutledge for everything she has done for me.”


“Katera Rutledge was referred to me by a friend at the prison where I was housed.

She did a real good job, did her homework, and, in fact, she brought up points that former attorneys did not. Her closing argument was very strong, as well.

My getting a parole date and subsequently being released was due in large part to her representation of me.

Mrs. Rutledge is well known and highly respected at the institution where I was and I would highly recommend her to other inmates.”


“I highly commend Katera Rutledge for the superb service she rendered during my Prison Board Hearing. She was a true fighter for the people’s rights.

As a lifer, I have had numerous state appointed attorneys, who merely went through the process of representing but, unfortunately, without showing their true potential. It seems a lack of interest may be due to the payment the State Department provides them.

Unlike my previous lawyers, you were fearless towards both the District Attorney and Board members, challenging them and objecting their issues prior to and during the hearing. This type of passion and ethic only proves how effective you are. Any clientele who seeks your services would truly appreciate the value and respect you have for them and their case. They most definitely not be disappointed.

I am sincerely appreciative and send her business card throughout most of these prison libraries.

May the Lord Bless her.”


“My name is J.R. I’m currently serving 15 years to life with the possibility of parole. On March 17, 2011, Attorney at Law, Katera Rutledge, was appointed to represent me at my BPH hearing. She is by far the best attorney I’ve ever had represent me. She continuously stayed in touch with my mother and kept her updated about my case. Katera also went above and beyond the call of duty by going online and researching a few of my disabilities: tourette’s syndrome and fetal alcohol effect. She did this so she could get a better understanding of these disabilities, as well as getting the parole panel to understand them also. Even though she was appointed to represent me, she represented me to her fullest extent and then some. In my opinion, she is one of the nicest, and one of the best attorneys you can have on your side and representing you. I would hire her at a moments notice. I want to express my gratitude to Katera Rutledge. Thank you for everything you did for me and my family.”


“Ms. Rutledge did a great job at my hearing as I heard she would. My wife appreciated her being available and going out of her way to answer her questions. If she didn’t know the answer, she would find out. She always return calls. Ms. Rutledge has also been there for me to answer parole questions.”


“I don’t have the words to express the thanks and gratitude I have for her individual consideration and professionalism that extended to me. Nevertheless, I give my heartfelt thanks for providing me with a second chance after thirty years in prison.

Your writ of habeas corpus provided me with my fourteenth hearing and subsequently my freedom. Your diligence and level of dedication was manifested within your writ and I believe it was that very ethic that made my voice heard.

I fully endorse Ms. Rutledge. She did a fantastic job with my writ and I recommend her to all life prisoners who wish to be free.”


“Attention!! Lifers.

Freedom has now arrived thanks to Rutledge & Rutledge. After thirteen parole hearings and a writ of habeas, I can now see my future clearer. It was Ms. Rutledge’ diligence and level of dedication that changed the course of my life. The moment I read her writ my confidence level felt secure. I knew Ms. Rutledge would help me get my freedom.

If you are like me, a lifer who want to see a result and have a second chance, remember life is priceless and Ms. Rutledge can help. I thank her for my new beginning.”


“I would like to recommend Attorney Katera Rutledge, because of the excellent work she did for me in my appeal to the board of parole. She was a part of the process of my release after 20 + years in prison. She is very thorough and cares about her clients and I was fortunate to be one of them.”


“I would highly recommend, and already have to other inmates, Katera Rutledge, who was my attorney for my parole board lifer hearing, in which I was granted parole.I admire her honesty, integrity, up-frontness, and hands on help in lifer hearing preparedness. She prepares those she represents very well and also holds seminars for those who would like to listen. She has a great deal of insight, depth and understanding of the dynamics of the hearing process. She also has a lot of patience. I am speaking from experience; I was able to contact her anytime through correspondence and telephone whenever I had questions.

She is the reason I am sitting in my home today. She is a great motivator and knew how to prepare me by strengthening my weaknesses, so that I was very confident when I went to my hearing. Initially, I was very nervous and scattered, but she helped me focus on the most important thing, my freedom, and I had a successful, smooth hearing. In fact, the commissioners at the hearing commented that I was very prepared and I attribute that to Ms. Rutledge. Having had 11 hearings previously, I had several other attorneys and none compare to her.

I stand by my recommendation 100 %!”