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Immigrant Visas

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Immigration Services

Whether you're seeking an immigrant visa status (green card) or a non-immigrant visa (tourism, worker or student visa), we can help you come to and stay in the United States legally.  If you want to employ an au pair, Rutledge & Rutledge can help.  If ICE is trying to deport you, we will fight to help you stay in the United States.


If you're currently in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa, then we can help you file an Adjustment of Status to begin applying for a green card.


Non-Immigrant Visas

We can work with you and your employer to secure an H-1B visa to bring you and your family to the U.S. as a worker.


We can help you secure a J-1 visa to bring you and your family to the U.S. as part of a private or public sector exchange program in one of the following categories:


  • Camp Counselor
  • Au Pair and Edu Care
  • Intern
  • Student, College/University
  • Student, Secondary
  • Government Visitor
  • International Visitor (reserved for Department of State use)
  • Physician
  • Professor and Research Scholar
  • Short-term Scholar (maximum duration of participation in this category is six months; no program extensions are permitted)
  • Specialist (maximum duration of participation in this category is one year)
  • Summer work/travel
  • Teacher
  • Trainee (maximum duration of participation in this category is 18 months, except for agriculture programs (limited to 12 months) and hospitality training programs (limited to a maximum duration of 12 months, with any hospitality training program longer than six months required to have at least three departmental rotations).


Immigrant Visas

We can also help you secure a greencard by applying for an employment-based visa, including for investors and professionals holding advanced degrees.