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Criminal Law
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Drugs & Drug Testing 
Parole & Jessica's Law
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Criminal Law

We Stand Up for You in Criminal Court

Rutledge & Rutledge provides clients a unique set of skills and experience.  We have worked in law enforcement, narcotics investigation, the district attorney's office, and for both the State and Federal Courts.  Our combined knowledge of evidence, investigation, the prosecution's side, and court procedures provide optimum results.

We do in-house investigation, extensive legal research, and apply our vast knowledge of the courts to protect your rights, advocate for your freedom, and stand up for you at every stage of the proceedings.  Whether you have a 3-strikes case, a murder allegation or a traffic ticket, the professionals at Rutledge & Rutledge can provide strong representation.

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Do Not Discuss Your Case With Anyone Until You Consult with A Lawyer.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPEAK TO POLICE, THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY, OR ANY INVESTIGATOR.  YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT AND REQUEST AN ATTORNEY.  You may request release on your own recognizance or to post low bail.  The Fourth Amendment protects you and your property from unreasonable searches; YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CONSENT TO ANY SEARCH OF YOUR PERSON OR PROPERTY.

We can help you with any type of criminal matter, including: expungement, murder, 3-Strikes, assault & battery, weapons, DUI's and DMV Matters, traffic tickets, drug charges, parole and Jessica's Law, domestic violence, white collar crimes, gang allegations, juvenile court, and probation violations.